Looking for an exciting activity to spice up your corporate/private event, which at the same time promotes team building? Designed to keep your participants entertained while learning some never before known skills about making the most amazing concoctions, our signature cocktail and mocktail workshop is exactly what you need! Who knows, one of your guests could secretly be a professional mixologist in the making!

For events with a focus on teamwork, our chief mixologist will first have your guests separated into teams for a short introduction class, followed by a brief demonstration and ingredients sampling. Thereafter, each team is tasked to come together to create their ultimate concoction within a stated time frame. This challenges each team to work closely together, allowing each member to provide their personal opinions as everyone's palate differs. Are you up for the challenge?

May the best tasting beverage win.

If a contest is too much for you, or you'd just like to learn some mixology techniques and how to fully appreciate each hand-crafted drink... Then our tasting workshop is the one for you! A full introduction class followed by demonstrations, and hands-on segment consisting a cocktail/mocktail menu of your choosing, this is sure to be an unique experience like no other.


In order to focus on the aspects best suited for your event, tell us more about your event below, and our team will be sure to get back to you with a customised package option most suitable for your event requirements :)

If workshops aren't your thing, and you prefer to just drink-drank-drunk (it's okay, we don't judge). You can check out our Mobile Bar Services instead :D

Or... Scroll on to check out some of the awesome photos taken during our past events!

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